We sell and distribute hardwoods sourced from many parts of the world.

We trade in both Temperate and Tropical hardwoods mainly but not exclusively intended for use in high quality joinery applications.   We hold significant stocks but if we don’t have what you are looking for in stock already then we can source it on your behalf.

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European , North American , African , Far Eastern , South American 



The European Oak market has grown significantly in recent years and those who work with it love its mellow nature and looks.

We stock mainly square edged Prime grade Oak in 26mm up to 80mm thick, in random widths and lengths. A significant amount of this stock is FSC® certified and much of it originates from Croatian forests where some of the finest Oak is found.

We also keep a range of strips in character grades (QF1 through to QF4x) from 27×100 through to 27×300 as well as delivering these direct from our sawmills against bespoke requirements.

From France we also supply European Oak boules and beams. These come  both fresh sawn and air dried.


All of the Beech we carry is either  FSC® or PEFC certified.
Our main stock productions are:

Bachmann sawmill production for whom we are agents in tUK and Ireland agents. They are one of the oldest and most sought after productions in Germany.

Bachmann produce both unsteamed white Beech and also steamed Beech, ranging from light to dark steamed(to order).

Pollmeier also from Germany, which is all light
steamed and surfaced 2 sides. We carry this in Superior Grade 2.45-3.05m lengths.

We also carry Superior Colour grade, a
grade where colour variation is not considered a defect. This is carried in 52mm thick and 2.45m long, for use primarily in door manufacture.


A real alternative to american ash these days if you can work with the shorter length average and competitively priced too. We keep 26, 50, 65 and 80mm in stock, all of it FSC® certified.

North American

We stock White Oak, White Ash, Black Walnut, Tulipwood, Red Oak, Hard Maple, Cherry and others. Our White Oak comes from a variety of regions giving you choice for whatever you need to make. We also have excellent Walnut supply and offer a product that we consider one of the best on the market.


If you would like technical information about American Hardwoods then you can find it at the American Hardwood Export Council website.

White Oak

We carry 1″ to 3″ random width and lengths in Prime (FAS/FAS1F) grade. We also carry stock which is FSC certified. By holding stock from different origins, Southern Appalachian to Northern productions we can offer a range of price, specification and characteristics according to our customers’ requirements.

In our thick stock we have selected our suppliers very carefully, choosing only those with a proven track record in drying thick stock.

In addition, we also carry a range of width selected specifications. Strips, pulled or ripped to width in 1″ thick and from 5″ to 9″ wide and wides, 8″ and wider in 1″ and when available 1.1/2″ or 2″.


This specie is bought for it’s colour and price is largely determined by colour specification, especially in the 1″. We buy our cherry from the best areas to maximise the red heartwood and minimise other characteristics like gum.

In stock we have 1″ with a 90/70 selection (90% red 1 face and 70% red on reverse) . Similarly in 1.1/2″ we have the 95/70 selection. For stock 2″ or thicker we carry a product that is unselected for colour. Our thickest stocked item is 4″. We will carry some wide board selections as available. Most of our stock is FSC certified.

Hard Maple

We have No1&2 White Maple in stock with random specifications from 1″ to 3″ and FSC certified in 1″, 1.1/2″ and 2″. We also keep a small quantity of “Brown” maple suitable for painting and mainly going to the kitchen trade.




We carry 1″ to 4″ random width and lengths in Prime (FAS/FAS1F) grade and an 8″ and wider selection as available in 1″ to 2″ thick. We also carry FSC stock.

Black Walnut

Walnut is graded differently from the other American Hardwoods and the same FAS/FAS1F grade allows more defects. It is also always steamed to minimise the contrast between it’s light sapwood and the dark heartwood. As the logs are generally quite small, lengths are often shorter on average than in most other species.

We carry 1″ to 3″ in random widths and as available in wider selections. A significant amount of our stock is now graded under “Oak Rules” to meet demand for higher end joinery.

Poplar (Tulipwood)

Poplar is the utility American hardwood specie that offers good value and adaptable properties for a wide range of uses. We hold 1″ to 4″ in random specifications and wide selections in 1″ and 2″. We will also stock FSC certified in most thicknesses.

Red Oak

In the main our red oak sells into the coffin trade. We therefore carry 1″ wides in FSC and non FSC . We also have small quantities of random width 1″, 2″ and 2.1/2″.



For joinery we offer KD Sapele, Iroko, Framire and Sipo (Utile) ex stock. We can offer any available specie as a forward shipment both Green and KD as well as logs if needed.

Much of our stock carries 3rd party legal verification either OLB or VLC and some is certified for sustainability under the FSC certification scheme.  We supply all of these species on forward contract catering for the volume buyer and we can also supply Ekki/Opepe in FSC and other species on request.


Arguably the most popular African specie due to its good machining characteristics and stability, Sapele has a wide range of joinery applications. We carry good depth of KD stock from 25mm through to 100mm. An increasing volume of this has not only our own checks but independent 3rd party verification of its legality.

Iroko (Odum)

A substitute for Teak with golden colour and durable characteristics. We hold stock in random widths from 25 to 100mm and we can sometimes also offer fixed widths as available. Much of our stock is OLB or FSC certified.

Framire (Emeri)

A lower priced general purpose light coloured hardwood. We usually carry random width stocks in 25mm through to 63m, with thicker stock up to 100mm as available.

Sipo (Utile)

Used as a mahogany substitute, we carry KD stock in 25mm through to 100mm with most of it either OLB or FSC certified.


A lighter coloured general joinery specie. We have a small stock of FSC certified Movingue in 50, 63 and 75mm.


Far Eastern 

Dark Red Meranti

A general utility joinery dark red hardwood. We stock it in random width and also in 9″ & wider specifications. We also source for direct shipments Dark Red Saraya (Majau) as requested. Our Meranti stock is all PEFC certified and any other shipments are usually 3rd party verified legal.



Decking and Mouldings

We ship Bangkirai (Yellow Balau) decking and other species for mouldings as requested on a forward basis, however we do not currently hold stock of any.

South America

We can source against your requirements in Massaranduba, Cumaru, Ipe, Garapa, Tatajuba and others.