We stock a full range of clear softwoods and also trade in European softwoods.

Download the Clear Softwood Stock List  and have a look below for further information about what we stock.

Clear Softwoods

We stock or source for customers a large range of softwoods.  Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar, Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Southern Yellow Pine, Quebec Yellow Pine (also known as Eastern White Pine), Siberian Larch & Radiata Pine.


Western Red Cedar

Rough sawn Western Red Cedar

When it comes to softwood species used externally, Cedar is the best. Easily machined to profiles and naturally durable it is probably the most popular specie specified for cladding.

All of our stock is certified 100% PEFC. FSC may occasionally be bought as a forward purchase against a specific request but it is not widely available. 

For cladding profiles we carry 1×6 and 7/8×6 in #2 clear & better but also in the more utility blended grade (which includes 15-20% #4 clear) 1×4, 1×6, 7/8×4 and 7/8×6 as well as also in other bespoke grades brought in specifically for cladding.

For those that need it we also keep a full thickness 1″ board that we call “90/10” grade. If you are machining Cedar and want minimal waste for excellent value for money ask us about this grade.

In other sizes from 1.3/4×4 up to 4×12 we stock the blended grade and in 3” and 4” we hold a high end #4 clear grade, all sorted to width. We also have a small stock of Factory Flitch. We stock our Cedar green but can source KD for you. 

If you’re buying in volume don’t miss the opportunity to buy the grade you need machined to the profile you need.

We can also get cedar finger jointed or laminated for you at source. 


Western Red Cedar Shingles and Ridges

As part of our cedar stock range we also carry Cedar shingles.

In stock we have 16″ No1 Blue Label grade 5X KD shingles. These are clear heartwood with 100% edge grain and no defects. We keep 18” Shingle ridges in this grade too.

We also keep a small stock of No2 Red Label 5X KD shingles which are still defect free on the exposed face but are not 100% VG and so may be more prone to curling. A good cheaper option for less prominent areas though or for garden buildings.

Blue Label Shingle Ridges

Engineered Cedar Cladding  

For a truly spectacular and perfect Cedar cladding finish we can offer by special order engineered Cedar TGV. With a vertical grain veneer face and cedar base it demonstrates the superb flexibility of the specie to be used in this way.


Have you considered Select Tight Knot (sometimes known as Architectural knotty) Western Red Cedar (STK) ?

Click here for a fact sheet on STK Cedar

European Softwoods

Siberian Larch

Originating from the far east of Russia where the trees grow very slowly, Siberian Larch is a specie of increasing significance in the cladding and joinery market. In general it is cheaper than Cedar and carries out a similar function.
We stock Unsorted (i-iii) where possible and also the most available and increasingly popular sawfalling (i-iv).

Sawfalling i-iv Siberian Larch


Siberian Larch is graded according to the export grade 26002-83 of the Russian GOST rules.
Siberian Larch sawfalling grade probably gives the best value for a sound knotted Larch cladding application.
All of our stock is FSC® certified.



Douglas Fir

European Douglas Fir is primarily used in the UK in beam sections, visually or strength graded but we can also offer thinner sections both green and KD if needed.

We have close links with a couple of mills able to offer either FSC or PEFC supply.


We offer Thermowood in either Redwood or Whitewood from Finland on a forward basis. This can be part loads if necessary and we specialise in offering this in machined sections to your specification. It can also be offered pre-painted, the finish coming with a 10 year warranty.  Main uses are Cladding and decking.


Other Softwoods

Radiata Pine

FSC® Radiata Pine is brought in primarily for staircase manufacture and is generally clear, a minimum of 3 sides. We can source against your enquiry from 25×100 up to 50×250.

We can also offer Thermowood Radiata pine for a darker appearance and additional durability. It is normally used internally.